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    Building a Sustainable Oklahoma City

    By their very definition, sustainable communities are cities that have purposely been designed to be healthy and resilient environmentally, economically and socially. Instead of focusing on fixing the issues one at a time, these cities evaluate the commonalities of the problems and offer integrated solutions. By using this approach, they can address today’s issues while…

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    What are Sustainable Products

    Ever since the environmental agenda came under the spotlight, so have manufacturers and the effects of their harmful production methods on individuals, the economy and the environment. To remedy this, companies began producing sustainable products as a way to reduce the negative impact caused. As a result, the raw materials, manufacturing process, technologies and the…

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    Do You Really Need To Rent A Dumpster?

    Most people do not know if they really need a dumpster or not. Dumpster rentals are not necessarily cheap but they can save you a lot of hassle especially if you are doing large scale home renovation projects or if you are starting a food business. Think about how much waste you are likely to…

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    Disposing of Househould Hazardous Materials in Oklahoma City

    Reduce, reuse and recycle — This is basically the trick to a greener, clean and more sustainable environment. The fact is, this approach is just not followed by many people and this is the primary reason why our environment is in the state that it is in today. Amongst the top environmental problems today is…

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    Landscaping Clean Up Tips

    It is a great idea to have the right landscaping for your house. A residential building cannot be considered a home when it is not properly decorated with the right blend of trees, flowers and decorative plants. Now, you just cannot let the plants in your house’s yard appear like a bush. There is really…

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    Oklahoma City Spring Cleaning Ideas

    Spring cleaning goes back to the time when the homemakers would carry everything outside the home once the weather conditions became tolerable. Carpets and mattresses were beat out to remove the dirt that accumulated. The interior of the house was swept and mopped removing the dust and germs which had collected during the winter. Now,…

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